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Thursday, September 9, 2004 5:49 am

Have you people never heard of Grecian Formula 16???

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Apparently, if you want to avoid sinus troubles, gray hair and even cancer, all you need to do is drink a cup of pee per day. Am I making this up? As the Democratic presidential nominee might say, would that I were:

BANGKOK (AFP) – Drinking urine can eliminate sinus trouble, turn grey hair black and even cure cancer, a Thai academic said, citing a study of local Buddhists who engage in the unorthodox practice.Ratree Cheepudomwit, of the Thai Traditional and Alternative Medicine Development Department, said hundreds of urine drinkers attested that consuming a daily cup worked wonders for their overall health and helped slow the ageing process.

She said that in June she queried 250 members of Santi Asoke, a strict indigenous Buddhist movement believed to have thousands of followers, and 204 respondents said they had learned from ancient Buddhist manucripts that drinking one’s urine improved health.

“Of the respondents, 87 percent confirmed that it had head-to-toe benefits for them, including for example reduction of dandruff, grey hair, sinus problems and cancer,” Ratree told AFP.

The medical elixir was not easy on everyone’s system, as about one in 10 urine drinkers suffered diarrhea afterwards, but the practice should not be viewed with disgust, she said.

“Other groups of people who drank urine were Buddhist monks who practised in accordance to scriptures which are more than 2,500 years old,” she said.

You’ll have to pardon me if I decline to accept Ms. Ratree’s recommendation on how to view the practice.

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