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Tuesday, September 14, 2004 6:10 am

Packers 24, Panthers 14

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I could only stay awake ’til about 8 minutes left in the first half, but when the so-called best front seven in the game is consistently adding an eighth guy in the box and still can’t stop the run, you know you’re in trouble.

Yes, Green Bay has an outstanding O-line, and yes, Ahman Green is one of the four or five best tailbacks in the league. But last year’s Panthers didn’t even come close to letting a back score three times from inside the 10.

Then there’s the loss of Steve Smith (broken fibula), Delhomme’s favorite receiver. That means someone else, probably Keary Colbert, is going to have to step up as a deep threat or else defenders will be able to gang up on Stephen Davis and the O-line.

One bright spot: the offense clearly had prepared for frequent blitzing and, at least in the first half, handled it pretty well, primarily on the basis of prescient play-calling and Delhomme’s quick release.

Now: a short week to prepare for a road trip to KC, where another excellent O-line and another premiere tailback await. Denver couldn’t solve the Chiefs’ ground game, it just outscored them; without Smith, I don’t know whether the Panthers can do the same.


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