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Friday, September 24, 2004 9:14 pm

In which Lex makes an offer to an obscure corner of academia

President Karen Haynes of the University of California State University at San Marco has rescinded an invitation to liberal filmmaker Michael Moore to speak. That’s odd. What’s even odder is the stated reason: “According to an e-mail she sent to some faculty and students, the president didn’t want Moore speaking on campus before the election because she felt the university would be unable to get a conservative whose stature ranks with Moore’s.”

Does she mean there aren’t any, or that none would be willing to come to CSUSM for the $25,000 plus security/travel expenses the university is paying?

Know what? It doesn’t matter. So I’ll make this offer: I’m conservative and my stature (as opposed to celebrity) is at least as high as Moore’s, so if CSUSM will pay me $25,000 to speak I’ll go there on my own nickel. And I guarantee you I’ll be entertaining.

UPDATE: Thanks to Alex for alerting me to the mistake in the university’s name.


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