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Friday, September 24, 2004 9:17 pm

So many bad puns come to mind …

Filed under: Weird — Lex @ 9:17 pm

I learned two surprising things — both of which you really have to be a guy to fully appreciate — from this article:

1) This year apparently is the 100th anniversary of the athletic cup. You know, what you wore inside your jock strap to protect the family jewels when you were a kid my age playing football back in the day.

2) No one in the National Football League wears a cup anymore. I know you need to be fast in the NFL, but golly gee, if Warren Sapp or someone was coming at me with a shoulder or something, I’m pretty sure I’d want some protection.

This hurts just to think about. How badly? Ladies, picture this: The pain from this kind of trauma is so intense it hurts to breathe AND it gives you the intense sensation that you’re about to simultaneously blow chunks and soil your drawers. Not as bad as childbirth, I’ll grant you, but, Lord, not good, either.


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