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Monday, September 27, 2004 9:17 am

Filed under: Tigers — Lex @ 9:17 am

Well, this one was just a flat mismatch. These girls were bigger, faster, better passers, better dribblers, better shooters. The only thing surprising about it is that the final score was *only* 6-0 (and would have been 6-2 if two Tigers hadn’t been so shocked at the prospect of a wide-open, undefended net that they totally tripped over their own feet).

Victoria got an excellent shot off in the first quarter that the PPs’ goalie only narrowly snagged, but that was about the extent of her heroics at forward. She tended goal in the fourth quarter, blocking four shots and allowing no goals. (A teammate who hadn’t quite mastered the concept that, yes, when you’re the goalie it’s OK to touch the ball with your hands, allowed four goals during the third quarter.)

The Tigers actually played better in this game than in the last one; they were just hopelessly overmatched.

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