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Monday, September 27, 2004 8:55 am

Help is on the way

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Andrew Cline, whose Rhetorica blog helps make sense of political journalism and campaign spin, has embarked on a new venture: the, which he describes as “a mechanism whereby a symbiotic relationship between blogging and traditional forms of journalism can be deliberately cultivated.” He elaborates:

Reporters can use it to quickly authenticate highly technical or specialized story elements with subject-matter experts (SMEs) drawn from the best the blogosphere has to offer, including academics, business people, scientists, and lay experts of all kinds. SMEs on also offer reporters another important advantage: As bloggers in addition to subject experts, they are plugged in to the latest internet conversation regarding their subject areas.Bloggers can use to nominate subject-matter experts, build trust with traditional media, and increase their standing in the blogosphere.

I’m not sure how this will work out — for one thing, it appears to offer journalists services no different from those offered by the more established PROFNET network, except that it focuses on bloggers rather than academic/corporate sources — but it’s another example of how bloggers such as Cline are adding value to the Internet, and it’s all the more remarkable in that, near as I can tell, Cline isn’t getting paid to do this.

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