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Wednesday, September 29, 2004 12:50 pm


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As you can see, I’ve ditched the one-size-fits-all, “Blogrolling”-powered blogroll to the left side of this page and replaced it with one that’s a bit more organized and user-friendly. I suppose the pay version of Blogrolling would’ve done the same thing, but one of the conditions I’ve imposed on myself for this blog is that it not cost me anything beyond what I’m already paying my ISP.

Another reason for changing is that fewer than half of the bloggers I link to were able or willing to take advantage of the Blogrolling features that allow them to get bumped to the top of the list and get a little “New!” icon next to their blog name when they update. So that minority had kind of an unfair advantage over the other blogs, and I wanted to play fair.

I took the opportunity, in reorganizing the blogroll, to ditch some that hadn’t been updated in quite some time. If you’re active again and want to be added back, e-mail me. Also, if you think your link is in the wrong group, e-mail or leave a comment.

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