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Sunday, October 3, 2004 9:16 pm

The Tigers go 0 for the weekend

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The Tigers played games Saturday and today — the former a regularly scheduled game, the latter a makeup of last Saturday’s rainout. They lost both, but there was some good news.

We had to wait for it, though. The team lost 3-0 Saturday to a team no more talented than they. It just seemed as if everything the team had learned about going to the ball, about dribbling and passing, had just melted out of their heads. (Having practice on Friday rained out certainly didn’t help.) V., who was not at her best physically, sat out two quarters; her one bright spot was an excellent shot on goal that was only barely blocked.

Today’s game was lost by a more lopsided score — I think they finished with 7 to the Tigers’ 2. There was one player on the other team who I wouldn’t believe was 6 for all the money in the world — too tall, too fast, too good. We played a 2-and-2 formation instead of the normal three-up, one-back, to try to make our defense a bit stronger, but it did absolutely no good: The ringer, for that’s how I came to think of her, scored three goals in the first quarter and another one before halftime (teammates added either one or two more; I’m not sure which). But V.’s teammate E. got the Tigers on the boards just before the half.

And after halftime, the Tigers’ play improved pretty dramatically. E., playing forward, suddenly remembered to go after the ball. O., playing back, launched some dramatic kicks back toward the other team’s end of the field, something it seemed never to have occurred to the Tigers to do before. It remained a much closer, more fiercely contested game until the end, although the Tigers got only one more goal, also by E. (V. got off another excellent, but barely blocked, shot.)

V. was in goal for the 3rd quarter. She gave up one goal on a play on which she got so little help from her teammates that the other parents were yelling at their kids about it. The other goal she yielded on, quite simply, an excellent shot, in traffic, that caught her going the other way. She didn’t seem fazed by either one.

With the ringer in goal for the 4th quarter, the Tigers got off more shots but didn’t score. But they controlled the ball much better and seemed to have their heads more in the game.

It’s the season’s midpoint, and there are no games next weekend.

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