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Saturday, December 11, 2004 8:36 pm

Water, water, everywhere

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So we got a pretty dramatic series of thunderstorms through here late Thursday night/early Friday. This naturally brought the kids racing into our room and jumping into our bed, and I had finally gotten comfortable and drifted back off to sleep when a beeping noise woke me up.

I thought at first it was V.’s alarm clock, but I eventually traced the noise to its source: a carbon-monoxide alarm in a basket on a shelf in the closet of our laundry room. It was beeping because it had gotten wet. It had gotten wet because water was coming down from the vicinity of the upstairs water heater in the attic off our bedroom.

Further investigation revealed that the water heater had developed some kind of leak. Normally, that shouldn’t have been a huge problem. The heater sits in a plastic pan that has a drain pipe attached to carry off runoff into the sewer line from the bathroom. Only somehow the plastic pan had sprung a leak, too.

I shut off the water to the heater, mopped up as best I could around it, then went downstairs to try to clean up the mess there and stick a bucket under the residual leak. We had gotten lucky in that 1) the shelf in the closet was covered with vinyl contact paper, and 2) we’d stuck a couple of old towels up there as cleaning rags, and they had absorbed the greatest part of the water. It was still a big mess, but not the full-on catastrophe it could have been.

So I guess Santa’s bringing us a water heater for Christmas.

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