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Wednesday, December 22, 2004 9:19 pm

Harry Potter and the boatload of problems

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The sixth volume in the Harry Potter series, “Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince,” will be released on July 16, 2005. This is cause for great rejoicing among book retailers because nothing, and I mean nothing, moves product like Harry.

However, one of the consequences of that popularity is that many people become so invested in the lives of the characters that when something bad happens to one, they take out their rage, anger grief and/or frustration on people near and dear to them.

I am led to believe that one such person is my friend Shannon, whose husband, Chip, believes he must prepare for a number of eventualities, depending on which characters end up romantically involved with which, and develop coping mechanisms for each. For example:

  • Hermione dies: Worst case scenario. Coping mechanism: Witness protection program.
  • Rumor successfully propagated that Harry and Draco become an Item: Best case scenario. Coping mechanism: Bring popcorn, and grin evilly as wife breathlessly reports the latest reaction from message boards and shocked, shocked local media.

Having read the comments to this post, including Shannon’s, I would only add that if Hermione dies, not even the FBI is going to be able to help Chip. In fact, given the hot water this post has got Chip into with Shannon, I’m not sure the FBI could help him irrespective of the presence or absence of Hermione’s pulse and respiration.

Oh, I also would add: What do you mean, “rumor”??


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