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Monday, January 24, 2005 9:39 pm

One of those awkward father-son talks, or, Life’s big mysteries

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Me: Hooper, where are your pants?

Hooper: Ida know.

M: Why did you take them off?

H: Ida know.

M (finding pants): Oh, here they are. … They’re wet. Did you have an accident?

H: No.

M: Yes, you did, buddy. That’s OK. It happens sometimes. But you need to get your wet underpants off, too.

H: They’re not wet!

M (checking): Oh … you’re right. (sniffing; grimacing) But this is pee-pee on your pants. How did you get pee-pee on your pants?

H: Ida know.

M: Did you take them off and pee-pee on them?

H: No, daddy!

M: So how did they get pee-pee on them?

H: I landed in it when I slid down the slide (from his bed, which is elevated).

M: You landed in — Hooper! Why did you pee-pee on the floor?

H: Ida know.

M: We don’t pee-pee on the floor! We only pee-pee in the potty!

H: I know. I sorry. I won’ do it again, Daddy.

M: OK. (pause) But why did you pee-pee on the floor?

H: Ida know.

M: And if you knew there was pee-pee down there, why did you slide down into it?

H: Cuz it was there.

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