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Tuesday, February 8, 2005 6:05 am

Help me out here

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Ann has given me a wonderful early Valentine’s present: We’re going to buy a digital camera.

That’s the good news, and it is very good news indeed. The bad news is the question I face: What the heck do I do now?

Up to now I have shot all our pictures on a Nikon FG20 that probably was 20 years old when Ann gave it to me for Christmas 15 years ago. With a 35-85 macro zoom lens, it gives me some breathtaking closeups of the kids along with decent but not spectacular long shots. But it’s manual everything, and when you’re shooting kids sometimes you only get one quick chance to get the right shot, so we’re upgrading.

And unlike computer specs, on which I can recite chapter and verse, having just bought a new one, I know zipall about digital cameras. So:

What specs ought I to be looking for? What are the must-have features and what are the features that, although cool, can be forgone by someone on a budget? Are still captures from digital video of high enough quality that we should just get a digital video camera and forget about a still camera?

All help greatly appreciated, and now that I have a Flickr account, I hope to be presenting the fruits of your suggestions to you here shortly.


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