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Monday, February 28, 2005 9:14 pm

Victoria sits at the table

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The Lord’s table, that is … she had her first Communion Sunday evening. (We Presbyterians offer Communion to children as young as first grade, although they still don’t become voting members of the church until after the traditional confirmation service, typically around seventh grade or so.)

We’ve been attending her classes together, even though parents weren’t required to attend but a couple, because she was nervous about the whole thing, including the fact that she would be sitting with other children and church elders at dinner, rather than with me. But she paid close attention during the classes and was able to explain the purpose and meaning of the sacrament without any prompting when they were through.

Last night at the dinner before the service, she was seated next to a girl she knew well from choir, and they had a blast; I don’t think she looked at me once the whole time. And she did exactly what she was supposed to do during the service and looked good and behaved well while doing it.

As part of one of their classes, the kids made wine chalices for themselves out of clay, then glazed and fired them (I haven’t done anything with clay since 2nd grade, so I’m not sure of the exact technique). After the service last night, V. insisted that I accept her chalice as a gift, a sign of her appreciation for my having come to all the classes with her.

I darned near cried.

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