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Friday, April 22, 2005 8:58 am

It’s my blogiversary

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I started Blog on the Run three years ago today, which, in blog years, makes me older than God Ed Cone. I’ve gotten tons of money a lot of enjoyment out of it, and a new gig at work as well (Yes, America, I get paid in significant part to blog and to read other people’s blogs. Rocks to be me, huh?), so I don’t feel the need for you to send me money or chant encomia in my general direction, but if you feel moved to do something, I’m pretty sure there are still a lot of tsunami victims who could use your help.

It’s been a good three years. Thanks for all the good discussion and back-and-forth. Let’s make it four and more.

That said, you can expect blogging to be light for the next little bit; I’m working on something a bit longer and more substantive than the usual blather.

Thursday, April 21, 2005 5:59 am

Uh,, then?

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Rogers Cadenhead, a technical writer in Florida, has something the Vatican wants — the domain name, which corresponds to the name of the newly elected pope. Cadenhead apparently registered that domain and five others a few weeks ago on the off-chance that the new pope would not choose to be known by a heretofore unused name.

Little pink Styrofoam houses for you and me

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Yeah, I laughed, too, but you can make one in a day, they’re stronger than concrete and they could have practical applications in very poor countries and places that’ve just had natural disasters.

So don’t be harshin’ on the foam. The foam rules.

Marketing help

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Stephen at thinks the McDonald’s slogan “I’m lovin’ it” is too constrictive. So he has offered to broaden the campaign a bit.

Wednesday, April 20, 2005 6:07 am

Reason No. 8,472 why I’m glad I’m not on the market

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Ogged dispatches one of his exes across the country to find him a potential wife (She and the other ex, who also is involved in the search but not this particular trip, are perfectly cool with this, by the way, which I’m having trouble picturing happening in real life.), and who does she find for him? A lesbian he already knows.

Another sign of the Apocalypse

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I did not know this, my demand for this particular product having slackened a bit of late (read: since about 1989), but apparently the town of Chapel Hill, once documented as the beer-drinking capital of the world, was considering requiring keg purchasers to register with the government.

You know, the day might come when I might want (yea, need) to buy a keg again. And when I do, you’ll take it from me when you pry it from my cold, dead hands. Unless, you know, I had to put a sizable deposit down or something.

Oh, big wow

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Really. Apparently, if you’re a woman, having a college degree cuts your risk of getting a divorce within the first 10 years of your marriage just about in half, a finding one of the researchers calls “a big ‘wow’.”

What’s not clear, of course, is why. A couple of possibilities occur to me: 1) More education = more money. Disagreements over finances are a huge cause of divorce, and having less money, all other things being equal, makes such disagreements more likely. 2) Higher education gives you more of the people skills you need to make a marriage work. Or, to put it another (slightly more entertaining) way: Women who spend four years in a politically correct atmosphere, being indoctrinated by tenured radicals, emerge from the experience with stronger family values.

Of course, the standard research disclaimers apply: There may be no causal relationship between these two phenomena at all, or both might be caused by some other factor(s) for which the study did not account.

Tuesday, April 19, 2005 6:22 am

Sam Mills: RIP

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Former Panther linebacking great Sam Mills, currently the team’s linebackers coach, died Monday morning of the intestinal cancer he had battled since 2003.

Sam Mills played in the old USFL, then played nine years for the Saints before joining the Panthers in their debut season, 1995. He captained the defense through three seaons, the second of which took them to the NFC championship game. Although only 5 feet 8, he played much bigger, leading the team in tackles in 1996. He even inspired my wife — who stands all of 5 feet 2 and has never played football — to dream of playing in the NFL. Now THAT’s leadership.

But more than that, he made every place he ever was associated with classier. Even the ‘Aints.

God rest ye, Sam. Panther Nation will miss you and will remember you.

11 years ago: The new Oskar Schindler

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Just go read.

Like The Da Vinci Code. Only better. And, like, true.

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They’ve found some long-lost masterworks of Western literature:

Thousands of previously illegible manuscripts containing work by some of the greats of classical literature are being read for the first time using technology which experts believe will unlock the secrets of the ancient world.Among treasures already discovered by a team from Oxford University are previously unseen writings by classical giants including Sophocles, Euripides and Hesiod. Invisible under ordinary light, the faded ink comes clearly into view when placed under infra-red light, using techniques developed from satellite imaging.

The Oxford documents form part of the great papyrus hoard salvaged from an ancient rubbish dump in the Graeco-Egyptian town of Oxyrhynchus more than a century ago. The thousands of remaining documents, which will be analysed over the next decade, are expected to include works by Ovid and Aeschylus, plus a series of Christian gospels which have been lost for up to 2,000 years.

Now, if life follows bad fiction, the custodians of the “lost Christian gospels” soon will begin meeting all kinds of gruesome, and highly unlikely, fates. Stay tuned.

Who’ll be the next King of Comedy?

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Over at the Norbizness blog, which I hadn’t heard of before today for some reason, there’s a tournament of cinematic comedies going on. Perhaps this is an outgrowth of March Madness. Anyway, here’s the first round brackets, with my votes (too late to be recorded) in bold, plus some comments:

Bracket 1
Monty Python’s The Life of Brian (1) vs. Heathers (8) — Tough one. Both are among my personal favorites.
Sullivan’s Travels (4) vs. Animal House (5)
Some Like It Hot (2) vs. Repo Man (7)Another tough one. SLIH is one of the all-time greats, but Repo Man is just on a whole ‘nother level.

Blazing Saddles (3) vs. The General (6) — A no-brainer.

Bracket 2
Modern Times (1) vs. Slap Shot (8) — Not quite a no-brainer.
Dr. Strangelove (4) vs. Trading Places (5) — Strangelove trounces TP, which wanted to be a Preston Sturges comedy but couldn’t stop being mean long enough to do so.

The Ladykillers [1955 Alec Guinness version] (2) vs. Dirty Rotten Scoundrels (7) — I haven’t seen Ladykillers, but DRS sucked.

Waiting for Guffman (3) vs. M*A*S*H (6)

Bracket 3
Duck Soup (1) vs. To Be or Not to Be [1942 Jack Benny version] (8)
Caddyshack (4) vs. Royal Tennenbaums (5) — A mediocre movie redeemed by Bill Murray’s over-the-top incarnation of handyman Carl.

Airplane (4) vs. A Shot in the Dark (5) — You had to have lived through the ’70s disaster-movie craze to appreciate the genius of Airplane. I did.

The Philadelphia Story (3) vs. Office Space (6) — I like Office Space and I’m not even a huge Hepburn fan, but c’mon.

Bracket 4
Annie Hall (1) vs. Bedazzled [Moore/Cook] (8) — another no-brainer.
Safety Last (4) vs. Hollywood Shuffle (5)
The Bank Dick (2) vs. South Park (7)TBD = great comedy. SP = great satire. All other things being equal …

Raising Arizona (3) vs. The Incredibles (6) — It’s not that I buy all the Ayn Randian c— being spilled about The Incredibles; RA was simply a funnier movie.

Two comedic works notable by their absence (not sure whether they were eliminated in earlier rounds or were never in to begin with): Young Frankenstein and Used Cars. I also loved The Kings of Comedy — I laughed so hard during Steve Harvey’s Rae Carruth routine that I thought I was going to have a stroke, and my ribs hurt for days afterward — but since it’s a concert film rather than a true comedic movie (i.e., one with characters and a plot), I don’t guess it counts.

In the trenches

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The Tigers fought to a 1-1 tie on Saturday, and the game was a testament to the character of both teams.

Both goals were flukes. Our opponent scored on a long kick that wasn’t even intended as a shot on goal but happened to overshoot everyone, including our keeper, and roll into the net before anyone could catch up with it. We scored when their keeper came out too far and then slipped, leaving one other defender in front of the goal. We shot, and she used her hands to block the shot. Bzzzzt. Wrong answer.

V. just missed scoring when a shot of hers caromed off the goalpost. Otherwise, she had an excellent game on both offense and defense, controlling the ball well and regularly finding open teammates with her passes. She spent the fourth quarter in goal, recording two easy saves but mostly watching the action at the other end of the field.

Both teams played well, although the Tigers again did a better job overall of controlling the ball and keeping it in their opponents’ territory. And in the fourth quarter, when both teams were tiring, both continued to make excellent passes. It was a game no one deserved to lose, and for once, no one did.

Friday, April 15, 2005 9:13 pm

Oh, dear

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Looks like someone left a key theocratic domain name lying around unattended….

“She beaned him with a Bible … a hardback NIV version!”

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Guy hits car with four old ladies in it; they get out and beat the snot out of him; eyewitness tells all (audio only).

Tuesday, April 5, 2005 5:39 pm


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In all the nonstop media coverage of the deaths of Terri Schiavo and Pope John Paul II in the past few days, it’s easy to forget that many other people have died in the past few days as well, deaths expected and unexpected, tragic and fulfilling.

One such person was my first cousin once removed, Tom Alexander. The obit describes him as an “all-around enthusiast,” and while I can’t say I knew Tom that well, what I did know of him certainly matches the description.

He was an editor of Fortune magazine who built his own log cabin on some of the family’s Cataloochee Ranch land and made his own white liquor (what folks who aren’t from ’round here call “moonshine”). That sentence doesn’t begin to sum up him or his life, but it perhaps gives you a taste of his eclectic interests. Speaking of tastes, I was privileged to taste his home brew at a family reunion at Cataloochee in 1995, and I am pleased to report that it was excellent.

Tom had been ill for a long time, with a neurological condition that robbed him of independence long before it robbed him of life. He leaves to mourn him a large and loving family, including my second cousin Ames Alexander, a projects reporter at The Charlotte Observer, and a passel of former colleagues, their ranks now thinned by age.

His love for his native mountains lives on, too; before he died, he arranged for the donation of some of the Cataloochee Ranch land to a conservation trust that will keep it pristine forever.

Heels win!

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My congratulations to Tar Heel Nation, and especially to Tony and Roy, on the win. It has been a long, painful time coming.

Monday, April 4, 2005 5:44 am

Quote of the day, and it’s still dark outside …

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… from Jesse Taylor of Pandagon, on the Schiavo case: “We binged, we had fun, we did some things we regretted, and we woke up with Congress in our beds. Ugh.”

Friday, April 1, 2005 8:55 pm

The Big Link

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Every so often, we Greensboro bloggers get together to jointly link a particular site. It’s called The Big Link. And although I already link to today’s The Big Link, I’m happy to do so again.

Correction of the week month year

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From the Rude Pundit: Correction: Last week, the Rude Pundit referred to Terri Schiavo’s brain as a “rock.” More properly, it should be called a “puddle” or a “soup.”


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Greensboro’s Fecund Stench performs one on OJ Simpson lawyer Johnnie Cochran.

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