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Tuesday, April 19, 2005 5:49 am

In the trenches

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The Tigers fought to a 1-1 tie on Saturday, and the game was a testament to the character of both teams.

Both goals were flukes. Our opponent scored on a long kick that wasn’t even intended as a shot on goal but happened to overshoot everyone, including our keeper, and roll into the net before anyone could catch up with it. We scored when their keeper came out too far and then slipped, leaving one other defender in front of the goal. We shot, and she used her hands to block the shot. Bzzzzt. Wrong answer.

V. just missed scoring when a shot of hers caromed off the goalpost. Otherwise, she had an excellent game on both offense and defense, controlling the ball well and regularly finding open teammates with her passes. She spent the fourth quarter in goal, recording two easy saves but mostly watching the action at the other end of the field.

Both teams played well, although the Tigers again did a better job overall of controlling the ball and keeping it in their opponents’ territory. And in the fourth quarter, when both teams were tiring, both continued to make excellent passes. It was a game no one deserved to lose, and for once, no one did.

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