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Thursday, May 12, 2005 2:13 pm


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Having been swamped lately, I haven’t posted much about … well, anything. And I’m about to be swamped again. But before the first wave crashes, I’ll attempt to round up a few things here:

  • I’d never really thought about it like that: The Kansas State Board of Education’s anti-evolution sideshow generated this objectively inaccurate comment from one of the board members: “We can’t ignore that our nation is based on Christianity – not science.” In fact, as Publius points out, it kinda was based on science — certainly more so than Christianity per se.
  • Bringin’ the funny: Rejected “Love Is … ” comicsdefinitely not safe for work.
  • English-major humor: Analysis of imperative sentences, also definitely not safe for work.
  • Memo to the open-source computer-code community: You’ve probably never heard of Maui X-Stream (MXS). But you will.

* * *
I hear the sixth and final “Star Wars” installment starts soon. I saw the first three back in the day, but negative reviews led me to give the two recent prequels a miss. I asked a co-worker who had seen the two prequels whether she thought I would need to have seen them to enjoy the new episode.Co-worker: Oh, no.

Me: So I didn’t miss anything?

Co-worker: Not really. In fact, there was a long scene that didn’t show anything but debate in the Senate. Except for how everyone looked, it was like watching C-SPAN.


I’m sure the Emperor George Lucas will be pleased.


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