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Wednesday, September 21, 2005 8:58 pm

Fusion ‘n’ Tigers

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Hooper played his second game as a member of the Fusion this past Saturday under a broiling sun. If Daddy had known it was going to be this hot, he’d’ve brought an umbrella, because the one thing about all those soccer fields at Bryan Park? No. Shade.

He played the second quarter and actually got off a good shot on goal that just missed. Most of the rest of the time he was just part of the pack of six 4-year-olds that chased the ball all around the field like six beetles chasing a marble, but at least he didn’t have to be told to chase the ball much this time. His team led 3-1 early in the third quarter when I had to leave to take Victoria down to the field where the Tigers were playing.

The Tigers lost narrowly to a better team, but V. had an excellent game, much better than last week. She asked, and was allowed, to play goalie in the second quarter, and her coach and I talked with her about playing farther out in the box and more aggressively gathering any balls that crossed the line. At first, from my vantage point behind the net, she looked a little lost in all that space, but as she smothered ball after ball — she would snag at least six in the quarter, four of them genuine shots on goal — she grew more confident, so that by the end of the quarter her posture had straightened, her demeanor had grown more aggressive and she was roaming the box, not lost in it. After giving up two goals last week, she needed this quarter as a confidence-builder, and her enthusiasm for playing keeper, which had waned briefly after last week, is stronger than ever now.

She played defense in the third and fourth quarters and made life a ton easier for her teammates in goal, sending kicks booming out of the backfield and back across the center line time and again.

She had borrowed a pair of gloves for her turn in goal, but this week she bought her own pair. And she can’t wait to get back in the box.

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