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Thursday, September 29, 2005 6:06 am

Recently on IM, or, I have weird friends

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Friend 1: Yay! An indictment.
Friend 2: Yup. One count. Two years max.
Friend 1: I’ll take what I can get. So, when do they arrest him?
Friend 2: Dunno. He’ll probably find time to work it into his schedule in, like, December ’06.
Friend 1: Oh, to be the fellow who gets to cuff him.
Friend 2: Oh, I’m *sorry*, Mr. DeLay, did that HURT? Gee. You look like your in a LOT of pain.
Friend 2: you’re
Friend 1: I think he would resist arrest and I would have to TASER him.
Friend 1: Seven or eight times…
Friend 2: Sure. Cuz he’s a slow learner.

* * *

Friend 3: BTW, signed up for your dinner at Converge
Lex: Cool! You DO realize I’m skipping a Rolling Stones concert to be there?
Friend 3: Ah, the sacrifices we make… I could mainline some heroin if it will help.

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