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Tuesday, October 18, 2005 8:47 pm

Needful things

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From my friend Liz, the following meme: Google your name and the word “needs” and post the relevant passages from the first 10 hits. Even though I suspect in advance that I’m probably screwed because all the kewl kidz are blogging about the WB TV show “Smallville,” in which the young Lex Luthor plays a prominent role, I decide to play (my comments in italics):

1. Lex needs to go CR-AAAZY more often! Yep.

2. Lex needs to know Clark’s Secret this Season … Only if Clark is a crooked politician. Otherwise, Lex would much rather NOT know, thank you.

3. But what Lex needs is someone to just be there. True. And I have that, thank you.

4. Lex needs a few simple rules to be able to generate our lexer. Geekspeak.

5. I can’t assume automatically that lex needs the .h file, since it doesn’t necessarily need it – there might not even by a yacc file working with lex. Indeed, so far as I know, there is not … but would I know if there were?

6. This clearly describes the relation YACC has with Lex, YACC has no idea what ‘input streams’ are, it needs preprocessed tokens. (More geekspeak.)

7. It is possible to determine from this output which of the table size values needs to be modified to permit lex to successfully generate tables for the input language. Warning: If you need furniture, you need to find someone who actually knows something about. I don’ know nothin’ ’bout generatin’ no tables.

8. The Lexer needs to be able to access yylval. Why, yes, he does, if “yylval” is some foreign word meaning “beer.”

9. Lex Africa, Africa’s first true network of leading law firms, grew from the need for law firms in member countries to be in a position to provide their clients, both local and international, with legal and business advice in whichever jurisdiction they may find themselves, and particularly in relation to expanding Africa-to-Africa business. And when I said on this blog that I am not a lawyer, you thought I meant it. Ha!

10. What happens if … A vehicle needs servicing and maintenance? If service and maintenance is included in your contract, Lex One-Call is your easiest option. But I don’t do windows.

Well, that was a nice waste of a few minutes.

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