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Tuesday, November 15, 2005 8:12 pm

What are they smoking in Ohio? And what are they hiding in New Mexico?

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Problems far and wide related to paperless electronic voting machines. Again.

In Ohio, results on one referendum item come in within a percentage point of the Columbus Dispatch’s historically reliable pre-election polling … and results on four others come nowhere close … after the state adds 800,000 new touch-screen machines.

In New Mexico, elections officials are stonewalling discovery in a lawsuit pertaining to the vote totals in the 2004 presidential election. (If my math is right — always questionable — the outcome of the election would not be at stake either way. But from where I sit, that’s not the point and never has been.)

Folks, how much proof do you need that the world is round? And that paperless electronic voting machines are incredibly unreliable? And that for us to have confident in our voting system, that system must be completely transparent?

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