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Sunday, January 22, 2006 2:12 pm

Finally failed to dodge a bullet

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My participation in so-called “blogging memes” — that is, someone decides to post a particular type of post, then “tags” five blogging friends/acquaintances to get them to do the same — has been minimal. For one thing, most of the memes don’t interest me. For another, no one has ever tagged me directly with a meme before (that I’m aware of).

But Herb has tagged me, so I guess I’ve got to do this: Five weird things about me (that I don’t mind posting on my blog):

1) Growing up, I was an absolute neat freak. Place for everything, everything in its place. Now, as my shocked mother and dismayed spouse and co-workers will tell you, not so much.

2) My choices of “comfort food” include Beefaroni and Progresso Italian wedding soup … cold and straight out of the can.

3) I pretty much can’t sleep at all anymore except on my back or on my right side.

4) I once “forgot,” for a period of 12 or so years, how to throw a baseball/softball, something I did an average of several hours a week from about age 7 well into adulthood. My muscles and brain just wouldn’t get on the same page regarding this task. It’s like “forgetting” how to ride a bicycle — most people think it’s just impossible, but I found a way. (Now, finally, my body has “remembered” how; I’m just not so good at it because of recent rotator-cuff problems.)

5) When my kids were younger and I was teaching them the sounds different animals make (“What does a cat say?” “Meow!” etc.), I taught them that panthers, or, more properly, Panthers, say, “Touchdown!” Raise a child up in the way that he should go, and when he is older he will not stray from it.

So, that’s it, except that I have to “tag” five more people with this meme. OK: Nick, FHay, Alex, Chip and Shannon. Y’all are “it.”

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