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Wednesday, May 10, 2006 9:29 pm

Behind enemy company lines

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Regular readers know of my longstanding interest in fair, accurate, transparent voting. My friend David Allen has an even longer standing interest and a much lengthier history of involvement in the issue, including service on a special legislative committee that looked into the issue of touch-screen voting machines.

David recently took his involvement one step further by volunteering to be a field troubleshooter for one voting-machine company during North Carolina’s recent primary election. (Well, the company was paying him and he was going to turn the money over to charity, but now he’s just refusing it outright.) He has a report up on his voting site,, on his recent experience, what it says about North Carolina’s recent, positive changes in the law regarding voting machines, and where the potential problems remain. It’s surprisingly upbeat — astonishingly so if you actually know David, who’s the only friend I have who consistently rivals me in terms of darkness of outlook. :-) It’s also interesting and informative. Check it out.


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