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Thursday, July 27, 2006 7:09 am

The middle-aged dating blues

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A friend of mine, newly dumped into the dating pool after almost two decades, has been finding the water a little … well, stormy. But as you can see, he’s in good hands….

FRIEND: So I told her what I was feeling. MAN, was that a bad idea. See if I ever again follow your brilliant suggestion as my Middle-Aged Dating Adviser to throw the long ball no matter what the odds or game situation. I am on my way over to Market Street to put your face into a monitor.

ME: WAIT a minute. I never said you should tell her what you were feeling. Are you NUTS?!? I said you should ASK HER OUT. These are COMPLETELY DIFFERENT THINGS. MUTUALLY EXCLUSIVE THINGS, in fact. God, you HAVE been off the field for a while.

FRIEND: HOLD ON! I was stuck in Friend-Dating Land. The only way to unlock that door and get out was with the KEY OF FEELINGS! Your suggestion NECESSARILY INCLUDED THE FEELINGS COMPONENT! I’m moving soon. Fresh start.

ME: OK, fresh starts are good. Just remember: Feelings are BAD. You meet someone you like, you just ASK HER OUT. Feelings come LATER. If at ALL.

FRIEND: OK. Thanks. If the time came that I needed you to kill me, you’d do it, right?

ME: Only if you were in terrible agony. And even then I’d wait a while to be sure.

ME: Wait. What was the question again?

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  1. In this situation I would say, tell her to call you if she feels like getting together and then ignore her. If you don’t hear from her, forget it. At least you’re not chasing her. And nothing can save you if she has already decided your just a friend. Don’t chase. Let her make the next move. I know this is meant to be funny (above) – just a little input from a middle aged female. PS – check out my blog “Middle Aged Dating in America”. I just got started. Maybe we can blend together and come up with something good. Male perspective, female -…. :)

    Comment by Lee Ann — Sunday, January 16, 2011 1:00 pm @ 1:00 pm

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