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Thursday, August 10, 2006 10:05 pm

FDNY under new ownership. But I bet the NY Times won’t write about it.

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Amanda Marcotte at Pandagon has observed that there is a phenomenon in which once a man has sex with a woman, he then feels as if he owns her, body and soul, and has not just the right but almost the obligation to control every aspect of her life. (I think I’ve got that right. Amanda, please feel free to set me straight if I’ve misstated your observation.) She has developed a convenient shorthand for this philosophy: “Poke-and-own.” But being a technologist as well as a researcher, she is looking into applications of the philosophy in areas other than sex.

Et voila! Having walked up to a fire truck with her index finger extended, Amanda Marcotte is now the proud new owner of the New York Fire Department. I hope she enjoys it. She certain appears excited; she says her first action as the new owner will be to order poles reinstalled in all fire stations because … well, I’ll let her tell you. (NSFW — language)

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