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Friday, August 18, 2006 6:26 am

Tigerin’ up

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Victoria’s soccer team, the Tigers, held its first practice of the fall season Wednesday. Now that they’ve moved up into the under-9s, there’ll be nine players on a team (up from eight) with six playing at a time (up from five). The team has lost two members, including one of its better shooters, but gained three, two of whom are girls Victoria spent four years in day care with, so she’s pretty happy about that (although, with most schools not yet reopened, both were on vacation with their families this week and missed the practice). The third new girl is new to town but has played plenty of soccer before, and her mom says she loves to shoot, so we may be OK on that front.

Coach put the girls through some pretty high-energy ball-handling drills and also had them doing some wind sprints and jogging, which is the first sustained attention he has paid in practice to general conditioning. V. would have been fine if Hooper hadn’t drunk all her water when she wasn’t looking.

As she was getting into the car after practice, V. somehow managed to slam the car door on her left arm above the elbow, leaving a bad bruise on the top of her upper arm and a REALLY bad bruise on the underside, over her triceps. She was in a good deal of pain, but she was able to lift a ketchup bottle later with that arm so I’m pretty sure nothing’s broken. We kept a bunch of ice on it and she reported having slept well yesterday morning.

The first game isn’t until after Labor Day.


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