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Sunday, August 27, 2006 10:47 am

Small world

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By chance, I stumbled upon an article in Harper’s about the possible negative effects of the widely used pesticide atrazine on certain types of frogs. The question is important because the reproductive systems of frogs and humans, believe it or not, work in a lot of the same ways.

Atrazine is made by the chemical company Syngenta, which has a facility here in Greensboro.

The article focuses on a Berkeley researcher named Tyrone Hayes. As it happens, when I was out at Berkeley attending a multimedia seminar in March 2005, my small group was assigned to create a multimedia feature on Hayes and his work. You can see it here. My biggest role in creating this presentation was shooting the bulk of the video, although I also edited in some of the voiceovers.

I don’t know who’s right in the scientific debate. This is more of an it’s-a-small-world post.


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