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Saturday, September 16, 2006 1:22 pm

Tigers 3, Shooting Stars 2

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Victoria passes to a teammate in Saturday’s game. Photo by Herb Everett.

I was right — the Tigers did play better fundamental soccer today. That let them get their first win, over a team against which they were more evenly matched, from the standpoint of pure athleticism, than last week’s opponent. In fact, the Stars’ ball-handling skills were a little better than ours, but a win is a win.

Zoe was the MVP, mixing two goals with a stellar turn in goal. Mary got the other goal. Victoria gave up a goal in the fourth quarter to let the Stars tie, but she redeemed herself a few minutes later, when a wide-open Star attempted a goal shot just as Victoria was going down to smother the ball. It looked from the sidelines as if the ball got her squarely between the eyes, but in fact it hit her nose and mouth. (No blood, amazingly.) She had to come out for the rest of the game — two minutes or so — but the block inspired the team and Zoe got the winning goal moments later.

Our strikers still tended to cluster a bit and didn’t get forward quickly enough in the transition game — too often, a Tiger would be in Star territory facing a couple of defenders with no one to pass to. But the problem was nowhere near as bad as last week; what they’ve learned is starting to come back.

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