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Sunday, October 22, 2006 9:41 pm

Tigers 3, Ladybugs 4

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It was a beautiful day for a soccer game:

Bryan Park soccer complex, Field 8

In addition to Hooper, Victoria also had her Uncle Frank and his three daughters cheering for her. Here they are with Hooper:

Hooper and the cousins
The Tigers jumped out to an early 1-0 lead, then gave up a quick own-goal, then kind of broke down until the fourth quarter. At that point, excellent pass routes and ball handling enabled the Tigers to pull to within 1, but time ran out before they could tie it up.

By the fourth quarter, the team was playing offense better than it has all year. Most importantly, instead of clustering around the ball, the girls were getting into position for passes, and regardless of who had the ball at any given time, that person was looking for someone in a good position to receive a pass. It worked well … almost well enough to give the Tigers a shot at a win.

Victoria had another great game on defense. Here’s an example:

Victoria on defense

See the smile on her face? This is her favorite part of the game: booming the ball well back into her opponent’s territory.

But she likes keeping goal almost as much. She had quite the busy time of it in the third quarter, too. I got pictures of nine saves, and there were at least four others I didn’t catch with the camera. (She gave up one long goal after she lost a footrace to the ball in the corner of the box.) This was probably her best save:

Victoria prevents a score

She was pretty unhappy about the loss, which was understandable, and about her own play, which was less so. The Tigers found their mojo in the fourth quarter; let’s hope they can hang onto it for the final two games of the season.

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