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Monday, October 1, 2007 8:38 am

Bucs 20, Panthers 7

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Another game I didn’t get to see, but apparently that’s just as well: The Panthers were only one garbage-time TD from a shutout. DT Kris Jenkins is calling the team’s play “garbage.” The offense mustered 99 rushing yards and 155 passing yards, with WR Steve Smith held to just 32 yards. The defense let the Bucs run almost at will and got no sacks again. QB Jake Delhomme was nursing a sore elbow while David Carr played, but Jake would have made little or no difference.

This was the Houston game all over again, with the difference being that Bucs QB Jeff Garcia didn’t need to pass but for 176 yards. His TD was rushing.

The Panthers, in a way, don’t need to worry about their secondary anymore. They need to worry about the run, because they absolutely cannot stop it. It’s not clear how much difference the absence of MLB Dan Morgan makes, but if this team cannot stop the run, it will spend the rest of the season looking at one ground-gaining, time-consuming drive after another. And that would turn this likely-mediocre season into an awful one.


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