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Monday, December 3, 2007 8:20 am

Buttercups 13, three other teams 2

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I’ve been meaning to blog about this since it happened and kept forgetting. (You can see that blogging has not been uppermost in my mind of late.) But on Nov. 10, the ‘Cups played three Asheville-Buncombe Youth Soccer Association teams in the N.C. Youth Soccer Association District 5 tournament and festival in Asheville. And they racked up more wins in five hours than they had scored all season to that point.

They beat the Asheville No. 1 team (that was its name, not, so far as I know, its ranking) 4-1 in the first game. They beat the Spider Monkeys 3-1 in the second game. And they beat the Heatwave 6-0 in the third game.

The second game was the tough one — when the game started, I thought the Monkeys’ superior ball control was going to spell big trouble. But the Buttercups were quicker to the ball, and that made the difference.

The competition was not markedly different from that of the Greensboro teams the Buttercups played this season. The difference on this day was that the ‘Cups played their best ball of the season on offense and defense. Their passes were crisper, they did a much better job of getting open to receive passes, and they shot more aggressively — I lost count of the number of shots that bounced off the upright with the opposing teams’ keepers nowhere near in position to have made the save. 13-2 easily could have ended up 18-2 or so.

Victoria got the last goal in the third game. She caught a bloody lip at one point but didn’t stay out for long. One of the teams, and I forget now whether it was the Spider Monkeys or the Heatwave, wasn’t especially gracious about losing: When the teams lined up to slap five as is customary after games, some of the other girls were trying to rake our girls’ hands with their fingernails. Our coach spoke to their coach about it.

After the games, we had a nice team dinner and presented coaches Ricky and Bob with gift certificates to thank them for their hard work. Then it was back to the motel for swimming and hot-tubbing with the kids. All in all, a very nice weekend.

UPDATE: Here’s a picture:

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  1. Team pic appeared in Wednesday’s Record and should have been in Sunday, too. I’ll post a slideshow soon.

    Comment by herb — Tuesday, December 4, 2007 9:20 pm @ 9:20 pm

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