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Monday, December 10, 2007 8:19 am

Jaguars 37, Panthers 6

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I didn’t see this one, either, and it’s just as well. Kiss the playoffs goodbye. The question now becomes what the Panthers will do in the offseason to address the team’s serious problems. There are so many of them that this will not be a one-year project.

First, hope is not a plan. We all hope Jake Delhomme comes back from surgery as good as ever, but if he doesn’t, we need better talent than David Carr or (bless him) Vinnie Testaverde as backup. Is Matt Moore the answer? I don’t know, but with playoff hopes out the window, now might be a good time to start finding out. It’s hard to think Moore couldn’t have done better than 84 yards versus what was supposed to be a fairly porous pass defense.

Speaking of the passing game, yet again we see nobody able to step up as a No. 2 receiver behind Steve Smith, who was held to 44 yards on 6 catches. Drew Carter, 4 catches for 26 yards won’t do it.

And the secondary has been a disaster, on a par with the Doug Evans years. It was particularly bad against the run, allowing Fred Taylor an 80-yard TD score. “The scouting report on those safeties was to just run into them and force them to tackle,” Taylor told reporters. That’s a big problem, and one not fixable overnight.

Last offseason, the salary cap made standing pat personnel-wise a virtue born of necessity. In the offseason to come, perhaps it will make shedding a lot of dead weight a similar virtue. This team needs immediate help, and it will take some hard decisions to get it.



  1. I am a die-hard Jaguars fan and my boyfriend is a Panther but we managed an uneasy truce yesterday. I admit I loved to see my boys win so handily I just wish they had done so against Indianapolis.

    Comment by shennydenny — Monday, December 10, 2007 8:38 pm @ 8:38 pm

  2. Shed Dan Morgan, who is sitting out more games than he’s playing. One more concussion and his career is toast anyway. Keep the D-line, and replace Rucker when he retires at the end of the season. Keep Jon Beason, Thomas Jones and Na’il Diggs, then find a corner and a safety that are worth a darn.
    I beleive that Mary Hurney isn’t the problem, but that for a team that’s supposed to be D-oriented, we’ve stunk it up this year.

    On offense, our talent is good, but there’s nobody to run it. We just got a new offensive coordinator, and need some time for that to set in. With Delhomme gone, though, we can pretty much write off the season. None of the players got enough PT with one QB who knew the system enough to make a dent in the learning curve needed to go on.
    We need to shed two receivers, though, and find someone with hands.

    Comment by Gerald — Wednesday, December 12, 2007 4:08 pm @ 4:08 pm

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