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Thursday, February 14, 2008 7:16 am

Dodging a bullet spear

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In a perfect world, I’d have been able to go see Davidson play UNCG here last night, perhaps bringing the kids. In the world we live in, we went to a Lenten church service, then went home to put the finishing touches on the kids’ Valentine for Mommy.

Pity. We missed a game for the ages, it seems. Down 60-43 in the second half, the Wildcats rode Stephen Curry to come back and win by 5.

UNCG’s middle-of-the-pack SoCon standing is misleading; the Spartans have more talent, and are more dangerous, than their record indicates. The Wildcats easily could have lost (and could do so when the Spartans visit Belk), and I would not have been surprised if they had. That said, if Davidson’s post-season hopes are to be anywhere close to realized, this was the kind of game in which the ‘Cats had to dominate.

Two observations: First, without Stephen Curry, the ‘Cats become not just ordinary but vulnerable. Teams that are going anywhere in the postseason can’t be that one-dimensional; one bad half and your season’s over. Second, with him, they can play with anyone in the country, as we saw vs. UNC and Duke, among others. Whether they can close the kind of deal they’ll have to close in the postseason remains an open question, but Wednesday night’s result keeps hope alive.



  1. Let me try again, since I seemed to have failed in my first attempt to comment.

    Always glad to see you talk about the Cats, Lex. Feel free to come on over to and join the pretty lively conversation anytime.

    I tend to disagree with your statement that “if Davidson’s post-season hopes are to be anywhere close to realized, this was the kind of game in which the ‘Cats had to dominate.”

    I see having to come back from our largest deficit of the season as a good thing in the long run (even though the first half was painful to watch). We’ve been on a pretty dominating run lately. Charleston basically quit last weekend, and having a 34 point lead in the second half in that game wasn’t great preparation for anything (although it was nice to see us extend the lead with Steph on the bench). We got really sloppy with a 24 point halftime lead at UTC the previous week, and this is the sort of game which helps maintain our focus, and will help us when we face the inevitable close game in the SoCon tourney in a few weeks.

    It was also good to see us win with our starting big man on the bench in street clothes. Not having Thomas Sander when facing a great player like Hines in the middle really made this a dangerous game for us. Our other inside players really stepped up (especially in the second half). Not having Thomas took us out of sync on defense. Next Tuesday will tell, but I don’t think it would have been such a close game if Thomas had played.

    You are absolutely right about our dependence on Steph, but that’s been the story of the season and he has been brilliant in carrying us when necessary. One telling stat is that we outscored Duke 66-48 with Steph in the game. Unfortunately, four flops by Duke led to four offensive fouls on Steph, and he had to spend way too much time on the bench. The good news is that he is just so darn great. He is not only capable of amazing things, he is doing amazing things every single game.

    Sorry you didn’t make the game. I have a couple of extras for the game at 3 on Saturday if you are interested. Any basketball fan, much less a Davidson fan, really needs to see Steph play in person.

    On a completely separate note, they have just put the Davidsonian archives on line. In browsing through some random issues from our era, I saw your name several times. For good or bad, you can revisit some of your earlier writings!

    Comment by Bill — Thursday, February 14, 2008 2:58 pm @ 2:58 pm

  2. Good points, Bill. I hadn’t realized Sander was out, and I had forgotten how much time Curry spent on the bench v. Duke.

    Thanks for the tix offer, but on Saturday Hooper and I are (I hope) going to be finishing his Pinewood Derby car. I’ve already got a gashed knuckle invested in that project, so I need to see it through. :-)

    As for the Davidsonian, boy, I don’t know if I want to go back and look at that stuff or not!


    Comment by Lex — Friday, February 15, 2008 9:42 am @ 9:42 am

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