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Sunday, February 24, 2008 12:17 pm

Hot-rod Hooper

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The biggest virtue of Hooper’s Pinewood Derby car was that, as much as possible, it was his work, not mine. Which meant a flat and irregular paint job and nowhere near the weight it needed to be competitive, among other things.

But when we took it in on Friday night for registration and impound, one of the other parents, a guy named Robert Jacke, took pity on us and within 20 minutes had assembled the weights, epoxy and metallic tape needed to bump the car up as close to the maximum 5 ounces as possible — if you want to call 4.9955 ounces close. I do.

Unfortunately, I didn’t get to watch the race Saturday, having had to take V. to the doctor. (Strep and another ear infection.) But apparently he took 2nd place in his den.

So, thanks very much Mr. Jacke, for the last-minute help. It made Hooper’s experience a lot more enjoyable.


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