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Tuesday, February 26, 2008 12:08 pm

Muhammad a Panther again?

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Gerald says the Panthers have gotten WR Muhsin Muhammad back from the Bears. Interesting if true. It may yet be true, but I doubt it’s true yet: The free-agent signing period doesn’t start ’til Friday.

If true, what would it mean? Looking past the nostalgia, it’s tempting to think that Muhammad is on the down side of his career. His numbers during his past three seasons in Chicago:

2005: 64 catches, 750 yards, 11.7 ypc, 4 TDs
2006: 60 catches, 863 yards, 14.4 ypc, 5 TDs
2007: 40 catches, 570 yards, 14.3 ypc, 3 TDs

Only the yards-per-catch numbers are really respectable. That said, Chicago’s offense wasn’t exactly pass-happy.

But if his skills haven’t atrophied too much he might still be the kind of big possession receiver who could take some of the heat off Steve Smith. The team still needs another true deep threat, of course.

UPDATE: It’s a done deal, and unsurprisingly, David Carr has been cut. A good move.


  1. The Panthers should make their motto, “No Team for Old Men.” Can’t they get anybody to play for them who’s under 30 that doesn’t have to play for them because they were drafted? They must have a heck of a retirement plan for all these old players (not even stars!) to want to play there.

    Comment by herb — Thursday, February 28, 2008 8:03 am @ 8:03 am

  2. Well, I see Muhammad as either reverting to his former role as No. 2 opposite Smith, or as filling the role Ricky Proehl used to fill. He’s probably got another couple of productive years left, although I’m sure his best days are well behind him. I’d still feel better if they had a can’t-miss No. 2, particularly if that individual has some depth speed.

    That said, Muhammad has always been an excellent blocker, and Fox wants his teams to run a lot, as was discussed when the stories came out about Fox meeting with owner Jerry Richardson earlier in the off-season and coming to a meeting of the minds about what kind of football team they wanted. I’m sure Muhammad’s blocking skills, which haven’t atrophied, factored into the Panthers’ thinking a great deal.

    Comment by Lex — Thursday, February 28, 2008 11:31 am @ 11:31 am

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