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Thursday, April 3, 2008 7:12 pm


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From the Shameless Promotion of My Employer Dept.:

I published a story on March 22 about an eighth-grader at Greensboro Day School who went into cardiac arrhythmia. His life was saved because the school had a portable defibrillator and staff trained to use it nearby. Glenn “Instapundit” Reynolds, one of the nation’s most widely read bloggers, linked to the story, and a subsequent post on my work blog, on Wednesday.

It’ll be interesting to see what that does to our hit counts.

Thanks to Ed Cone, who tipped Reynolds.

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  1. Don’t know what it’s going to do to your hit count, but I’ll bet this Reynolds of whom you speak will see his skyrocket because of this post.

    Comment by Roch101 — Friday, April 4, 2008 7:58 am @ 7:58 am

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