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Sunday, September 28, 2008 10:37 pm

Panthers 24, Falcons 9

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Any win is a good win, but today’s win against Atlanta was about as bad a good win as it is possible to get.

The AP this morning was very high on the Panthers’ performance. And, yes, the stats were good, particularly yards after the catch for both Steve Smith and Muhsin Muhammad, which boosted Jake Delhomme’s passing yardage.

But the Panthers were fortunate their 11 penalties didn’t make the game much closer, if not lose it for them. Twelve penalties inside Minnesota’s dome might just barely be understandable given the crowd noise, but 11 penalties in Bank of America stadium is just idiotic. And the football gods aren’t likely to be as forgiving if the Panthers pull a stunt like that again.

That’s particularly true if the team doesn’t get its starting tackles back quickly. Both Jordan Gross and Jonathan Jeff Otah left the game. I think I said before the season that the jobs of a whole lot of Panther staff could be riding on the health of Otah’s ankle — he was recovering from a high sprain in the offseason — and losing Gross for any length of time will damage both run game and passing protection.

Speaking of run game, Jonathan Stewart and Deangelo Williams combined for barely a hundred yards against a defense that spent a lot of time sitting back waiting for the pass. I don’t know whether that was because of the O-line problems or because Atlanta’s run defense was just that good. But it’s troubling nonetheless.

On the plus side, the D held star Atlanta running back Michael Turner to 56 yards on 18 carries. They’ll need to do as well or better against Kansas City, whose Larry Johnson rushed for 198 today as Kansas City didn’t just upset Denver, they beat the snot out of them.

I’m going, and Victoria is coming with me. This will be her first Panthers game, and she’s jazzed. Raise a child up in the way that she should go, and when she is old she will not stray from it.

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