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Sunday, October 12, 2008 8:38 pm

Buccaneers 27, Panthers 3

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The Panthers need to enshrine me as their official good-luck charm, because when I don’t watch at least a significant portion of the game, bad things happen. I missed pretty much all the game yesterday while working on trim taping for the house painting, although I listened to a bit on the radio. (I heard Steve Smith fall down after a 48-yard catch that would have gone for a 72-yard TD if he’d kept his feet.) It was just ugly all the way around, a good, ol’-fashioned buttwhipping.

Now 4-2, the Panthers face the 3-3 Saints next weekend. (It looks like the Bucs and Falcons are off.) A loss ties them for bottom of the league division. A win puts them in first by a half-game. The question: Which Panthers team will show up? And will *I* show up?


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