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Friday, November 7, 2008 9:54 am

I feel like this sometimes

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“What the world needs is ‘antisocial media,’ sites where people who aren’t comfortable with others can get together and ignore each other.”

— Kevin Horrigan, St. Louis Post-Dispatch, on Twittering.

I Twitter, although almost exclusively for work and not as often as I should. I update my Facebook status more often, but not necessarily every day. I’m on LinkedIn, again for work, and I’m on MySpace, although I haven’t logged in in weeks. (I’m not a big fan of MySpace — the search function is atrocious. Also, there’s another Lex Alexander there — a Christian rapper, apparently.)

I understand the importance of social media, but — and I know this is both heresy and completely uncharacteristic of how I’ve lived the last 14 years of my life — I’m not looking for more reasons/ways to spend time online. You may now commence hurling pixelated tomatoes.

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