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Friday, November 21, 2008 8:15 pm

This Dr Pepper’s on … Dr Pepper

Guns N’ Roses, in its original incarnation, was one of the greatest live acts in rock ‘n’ roll history, and their 1987 debut, “Appetite for Destruction,” is one of the greatest rock records ever made. But their last studio album (a double-CD set, actually) was released in 1991.

Since 1994, lead singer Axl Rose has been working on a new album, “Chinese Democracy.” But as years passed and no “Chinese Democracy” was released, a lot of people began to bet it would never be finished, let alone released. (Background here.)

One of those, sort of, was Dr Pepper, which announced in March that if “Chinese Democracy” was released in 2008, it would give a free Dr Pepper to everybody in the country.

Well, “Chinese Democracy” goes on sale Sunday (one review here). And Dr Pepper is making good on its bet: On its Web site, beginning 12:01 a.m. Sunday and continuing for 24 hours, the soft drink maker will post a downloadable coupon good for one free 20-oz. Dr Pepper. The coupons are good through Feb. 28.

Drink up.

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