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Wednesday, December 10, 2008 9:23 pm

Think with Frank

My Uncle Frank has started a blog called For-What-It’s-Worth Philosophy for Free Thinkers [note name change], and he intends to do some (by blogging standards, anyway) intellectual heavy lifting. Go check him out.

Friends v. Real Friends

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Friends help you move. Real friends help you move bodies.

What happens when literary characters get on Facebook, redux

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In the tradition of this, here’s “Pride and Prejudice” via Facebook newsfeed.

Lex is once again reinstalling the gut he just busted.

Holy [expletive]; or, is Afghanistan really the right front in the war on terror after all?

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This is almost unbelievable:

In one of the largest and most brazen attacks of its kind, suspected Taliban insurgents with heavy weapons attacked two truck stops in northwest Pakistan on Sunday, destroying more than 150 vehicles carrying supplies bound for U.S.-led troops in Afghanistan.

The predawn attack on the outskirts of the city of Peshawar left the grounds of the truck terminals littered with the burned-out shells of Humvees and other military vehicles being transported by private truckers. At least one guard was reported killed.

Early today, a second attack on Western supplies was reported in the same area. A security guard said 50 [cargo] containers had been burned and some vehicles destroyed by rocket fire. …

The bold assault underscored the vulnerability of supplies moving by road through Pakistan. About three-quarters of the supplies bound for U.S. and North Atlantic Treaty Organization troops in Afghanistan — fuel, food and equipment — travel by road through perilous mountain passes after being shipped to the port of Karachi. Afghanistan has no sea access.

To paraphrase Chief Brody in “Jaws”: We’re gonna need a bigger front.

Friday Random 10, Work-From-Home Wednesday edition

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“Holidays in the Sun” — Sex Pistols
“Ghetto Pressure” — Pressure Boys
“Hang on Sloopy” — McCoys
“Jungle Drums” — Flat Duo Jets (Winamp appears to like Flat Duo Jets almost as much as I do)
“Have a Good Time” — Paul Simon
“One in a Million” — Toby Gad
“Leave My Monkey Alone” — Warren Zevon
“Sullivan Street” — Counting Crows
“Peel Me a Grape” — Diana Krall
“I’m Waiting for the Man” — Velvet Underground

lagniappe: “Revolution (single remix)” — The Cult

Monday, December 8, 2008 8:10 pm

Scratch one suspect

“We have not yet seen empirical evidence to support these claims, nor has it been our experience in implementing the law over the past 30 years that the CRA [Community Reinvestment Act] has contributed to the erosion of safe and sound lending practices.”

So the CRA, created in part to ameliorate the effects of decades of redlining by banks, isn’t to blame for the mortgage-based mess in which we find ourselves. But don’t take my word for it. Take this guy’s, inasmuch as he might actually be in a position to know.

Sunday, December 7, 2008 6:33 pm

To the victors go the spoils trophies … and doughnuts

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Another one I’ve just now gotten around to pulling off the phone: Hooper receives his trophy from Coach Alex as the Fusion celebrates its undefeated fall season Nov. 15 at Krispy Kreme. It was a good season, Hooper had a (generally) good time, and Coach Alex did a great job.

Because nothing says “Christmas” like a 30-foot Grinch

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For the second year, and with great delight, Hooper joined Pack 104 in riding on a float in the Jaycees Holiday Parade. Despite all our careful planning, however, he ended up sitting on the side of the float opposite where Victoria and I were, so I couldn’t get a picture of him. So I’m settling for this:

Not just a pretty face and a scary soccer defender

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Victoria has taken part this fall in a program called Girls on the Run, which combines lessons and discussions on smart decision-making with, well, running. It culminated Saturday with her running in her first 5K, the annual Mistletoe Run over in Winston-Salem. I had to take Hooper to be in the Jaycees Holiday Parade with his Cub Scout pack, so I didn’t get to see her. Here’s what I do get to see, though:

Welcome to the family

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My brother Frank with his girlfriend, Christine:

Bein’ thankful for family

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One I’ve only now pulled off the cell phone:

The four Alexander girls, plus Franks girlfriends daughter, gather to celebrate Thanksgiving this year. I had a shot of Whitney with an enormous turkey leg in her mouth, looking like something out of a Renaissance Fair, but it was too blurred to use.

The four Alexander girls, plus Frank's girlfriend's daughter, gather to celebrate Thanksgiving this year. I had a shot of Whitney with an enormous turkey leg in her mouth, looking like something out of a Renaissance Fair, but it was too blurred to use.

Saturday, December 6, 2008 4:46 pm

Sigh. If only Samuel Adams came in cans …

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(h/t: Valerie)

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