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Friday, March 20, 2009 8:46 pm

For sufferers, is a cloud lifting?

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My last piece for the News & Record — it ran a couple of weeks after I left — was an analysis of whether or not marijuana should be legalized for medical purposes. I noted in the article that federal agents have continued to prosecute people who grow and distribute marijuana, even when they’re doing it for medical purposes in states that have expressly legalized marijuana for medical purposes.

Well, the federal law hasn’t changed, but the government’s attitude toward the issue has. Attorney General Eric Holder says the Justice Department will stop pursuing people who are growing or distributing marijuana for medical purposes in states where it is otherwise legal. Up ’til now, and this officially will still be the case unless Congress changes the law, the government has taken the position that marijuana’s risks are too many and its benefits too few to legalize it even to the highly restricted level of codeine and Dilaudid. Government research has shown the drug can ease symptoms and treatment side effects for a number of disorders.

Holder said the government now will pursue only people “who falsely masqueraded as medical dispensaries and ‘use medical marijuana laws as a shield.’”


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