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Wednesday, March 25, 2009 9:57 pm

Just one eensy, weensy little problem

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“So there was only one problem with the organization of political economy in the period after 1970; it was always, eventually, going to end in disaster. Other than that it was a great idea.”

— Dan Hind, “Jump! You [Plural Vulgarism]!” (nsfw: language)

(I particularly like this jibe at the media: “Voltaire once wrote that the aim of satire is to decapitate its victim without their becoming aware of it. Events have decapitated much of the Anglo‐American commentariat in the last few months, though many of them continue to walk and talk, for all the world, as if nothing untoward has happened. We have been in the past perhaps too trusting and too easily daunted. It is important now that we gently shake these apologists for the old, discredited order, until their heads fall off.”)


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