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Wednesday, March 25, 2009 1:16 am

The press conference

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Because Hooper was passed out with  his head in my lap and a 102-degree fever and I didn’t want to move and wake him up, I ended up watching the president’s news conference. This was the first such event I’d watched in years that didn’t have to do with 9/11 or take place on election night.

I didn’t catch the whole thing — I had the TV muted while I was on the phone some. My general impressions:

Good god, what a bunch of idiotic questions.

No, really, that’s about it. That and, “No, Major Garrett, I do NOT believe we need an international currency, nor do I believe in One-World Government, the Canada-to-Mexico NAFTA Super-superhighway, the plot to give California back to Mexico, black helicopters carrying aliens from the planet Schmuck, or eating food past its sell-by date. You idiotic douchebag.”

That might not be an actual direct quote of what he said, but it probably is a very accurate quote of what he was thinking.

I did like a few things. I liked how he responded to the “sacrifice” question — an attempt by a simplistic press prole to liken our current situation with that of Bush 43 after 9/11, when reporters were asking about “sacrifice” while the president was telling people to go shopping. “Um, pretty much everybody who isn’t a dimwit Washington media jerkwad or an investment banker is ALREADY sacrificing,” he said. Or words to that effect.

I thought he didn’t handle the question about stimulus spending versus deficit reduction well. I also thought it was phrased as kind of a gotcha question. The truth is that he will not cut the deficit in half in four years, so to that extent the gotcha is justified. Problem is, neither could anyone else without completely destroying the economy. We’re going to be running big deficits for years because we need to generate a lot of spending. Much of that spending, if properly invested, will lay the groundwork for future prosperity, which in turn will make reducing future deficits a lot easier. The bigger danger under current circumstances isn’t spending too much, it’s spending too little: When the economy is shedding almost 700,000 jobs a month, the government has an awful lot of private spending to make up for if the economy isn’t going to go completely down the drain. Just keeping the economy on the far edges of the whirlpool is gonna be jeezily expensive. Under those circumstances, I regret to say, being a deficit hawk, while always good politics (yeah, Kay Hagan, I’m talking to you), is genuinely suicidal economics.

I had some other thoughts, but I can’t remember them now. One of these days I’m gonna liveblog something like this, just because I’ve never liveblogged anything and it looks like it would be a challenge.



  1. Earlier Napolitano (DHS) and Ogden (DOJ) held their own press confernce to announce initatives along the Mexican border to, among other things, stop the flow of guns from the US into the hands of the drug cartels. Obama made a passing refernce to this in one of his rambling answers. Well, pardon me but….


    Got news for you Janet, this recent LA Times story seems to indicate that the weapons are coming from..


    “Most of these weapons are being smuggled from Central American countries or by sea, eluding U.S. and Mexican monitors who are focused on the smuggling of semiauto- matic and conventional weapons purchased from dealers in the U.S. border states of Texas, New Mexico, Arizona and California.”

    “The enhanced weaponry represents a wide sampling from the international arms bazaar, with grenades and launchers produced by U.S., South Korean, Israeli, Spanish or former Soviet bloc manufacturers. Many had been sold legally to governments, including Mexico’s, and then were diverted onto the black market. Some may be sold directly to the traffickers by corrupt elements of national armies, authorities and experts say.”

    Testimony before Congress is being ignored
    and priorities are being misplaced based upon…

    The Mexican-Canard

    Comment by Fred Gregory — Wednesday, March 25, 2009 4:00 pm @ 4:00 pm

  2. Speaking of idiotic questions ( and answers ) a reporter from Ebony Magazine was called on to read the script which I suspect had been handed to him by some White House flack.

    Here is video of that moment courtesy of Gateway Pundit:


    Comment by Fred Gregory — Wednesday, March 25, 2009 6:02 pm @ 6:02 pm

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