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Monday, June 1, 2009 6:21 am

Accountability and its discontents utter nonexistence

Matt Taibbi thinks more, not less, populism might be a healthy thing:

… there has been almost nothing in the way of punishment of the major figures responsible for this [economic] crisis.  If there were a real correlation between public anger and government policy, we’d have seen at least something in that area. Maybe there wouldn’t have been public floggings, but there would have been some serious frog-marching of unscrupulous [jerks] to prison. And this isn’t about vengeance, it’s about policy: if the “consequence” for blowing a $4 trillion hole in the economy is seeing masses of government officials line up to hurl billions of taxpayer dollars at you, that doesn’t provide much of an incentive to fix your behavior. This is one area where there should have been a seamless melding of public outrage and government policy: we should have swooped in, rounded up 200 of the most guilty executives, hauled them before congress in a public trial, and packed them all off to a Supermax in Florence, Colorado to do real time with murderers, rapists and terrorists.

Q: What do you call rounding up 200 of the most guilty executives, hauling them before Congress in a public trial, and packing them all off to the Supermax in Florence, Colorado, to do real time with murderers, rapists and terrorists?

A: A good start.

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