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Monday, June 29, 2009 8:52 pm

The last word on Sanford …

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… from The Charlotte Observer’s editorial writers, for the win:

Sanford is a two-term conservative Republican governor with a state legislature dominated by conservative Republicans. You’d think S.C. government would now be conservative Republican nirvana. Instead, Sanford had pretty much alienated his legislature, which earlier this month overturned 10 of his vetoes in one day. …

In 2002, during Sanford’s first campaign for governor, Observer reporter Henry Eichel profiled him, noting his penchant for going it alone, and reported this: “Sanford’s critics predict that if he does become governor, he will end up isolated and impotent.”

Well, they were half-right.

(h/t: commenter Waccamaw at EmptyWheel)

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