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Wednesday, September 16, 2009 10:45 pm


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Hot dang. Rep. Alan Grayson apparently has a counterpart in the Senate after all, and from the unlikeliest of places. It’s Sen. Ted Kaufman, Democrat of Delaware, where all the cool financial companies are legally headquartered because in terms of having any actual expectations of corporations headquartered there, Delaware won the race to the bottom.

That’s a long post I link to, but just skip down to the actual text of Kaufman’s speech, near the bottom. The man’s bringing serious heat.

UPDATE: An interview with Grayson:

Damien: Congressman, while we are waiting for a Fed audit, does anyone know what the Fed has been doing given that they have not fulfilled their government delegated duties as listed on the Federal Reserve website?

Congressman Grayson: They are performing a truly remarkable, surreptitious transfer of wealth from public to private hands. They are taking their ability to print money and shore up failed banks. They are simply stuffing money into the pockets of private interests.

The interviewer asks whether this isn’t all just a big conspiracy theory. Grayson reminds us that in light of the recent appeals-court ruling in the Bloomberg case, the Freedom of Information Act is going to apply to the Fed soon, so we’ll find out. He doesn’t sound like a man concerned that his version of the story is lacking.


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