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Saturday, October 10, 2009 3:20 pm

Jon Kyl, lucky duckies* and the nature of the 21st-century recessions

One of the defining characteristics of the U.S.’s more recent recessions has been the length of time it has taken the employment rate to return to its pre-recession peak.

It’s going to be a long, long time before employment returns to the levels whence it plunged to the current 9.8% unemployment valley. And Republican Sen. Jon Kyl of Arizona doesn’t give a rat’s hind end:

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV) tried to accelerate the usual lengthy process in order to take a quick vote on proposed bill H.R. 3548 to give federal unemployment benefits extension to all 50 states but Kyl halted his efforts, calling for more time to consider the bill and possibly add amendments to it. …

This means that the bill has no chance of a vote this week, as Senate Dems had indicated was likely, but rather the earliest can pass is next week. So for the thousands whose benefits will run out soon, let alone those whose benefits have already run out, you have Jon Kyl to thank for not getting this extension passed sooner.

This isn’t going to hurt just a few people:

As Congress debates the measure, 400,000 people ran out of benefits in September and another 208,000 are set to lose them this month, according to the National Employment Law Project. Some 1.4 million people will stop receiving checks by year’s end if Congress doesn’t act, according to the employment law project.

The chorus calling for a benefits extension grew louder after the government reported on Friday that unemployment hit a 26-year high of 9.8% in September. Employers shed a higher-than-expected 263,000 jobs last month.

If you’d like to tell Kyl’s minions what you think of his economic strategy, you can get info here. Remember: You don’t need to be loud to be firm.

Maybe this shows I have no aptitude for Congress, but if I were Harry Reid, I think I’d tell Kyl I didn’t give a rat’s hind end what he wanted and would just pass the damn extension before any senator would be allowed to go home for the weekend.

Because, although I seldom make political predictions, I won’t hesitate to predict that the outcomes in 2010 and 2012 will be based primarily on who is doing more, or who can make it look as if they’re doing more, to help those without jobs, directly, as in this case, and via job creation.

And because Obama has proclaimed it a virtue for an administration to be able to keep multiple balls in the air, I’d like for someone with talent to be looking into why the dips in employment are taking longer to go away, what we can do about that, and whether there’s anything we can do to stop it in the first place. But that’s just me.

*Go here if you don’t get the reference


  1. well if i was a thief like kyl i wouldnt be in a hurry to pass it either . i dont think he really knows how many people he is hurting i havent had a check in 3 months and im about ready to go off the deep end even more after i heard what this idiot did slowing the process its already long enough i pray every night that it is passed before nov.4 or i will be homeless all because of him thanks

    Comment by sean — Monday, October 12, 2009 12:20 am @ 12:20 am

  2. Kyl is just another stalling, obstructionist. I got my last check last Mon. I’ve been watching this daily last few weeks, especially since house voted. I had thought they would already have it passed and signed. I feel confident it will pass. But when you don’t have a dollar and all the vultures have their hands out, hours seem like days and so on. Another bill people should consider making some noise about is HR 3149 -equal employment for all- which was introduced in the house in the summer and in committee. If you are like a lot of people, laid off and broke, you’re credit may have taken some hits. Well, the bill proposes to ban the use of credit reports in hiring/employment decisions. One: criminal background reports do a much better job of predicting dishonest behavior and risks than do credit reports. TWO: If you get laid off or get sick and miss payments, you could very likely get eliminated from job consideration due to credit report. That about takes the cake doesn’t it…the company you work for goes under, your daughter gets sick, and you miss a few payments….next thing you know you are considered a high risk undesirable by the HR profession and no one will hire you…That’s great isn’t it! The one thing you need to straighten things out and get current again…a flippin job…they want to disqualify you from it.
    At one time, unless the job was a gov job requiring security clearances for example, or for a financial institution with direct access and responsibility for large sums of money, credit reports were not used in employment decisions. In recent years, employers have been pulling reports in half of all jobs…(rate of use has tripled in last 10 years). Now, it could be any typical job with no access to money but the employer may say that since that have contracts with or do business with large financial institutions, they must follow the same guidelines or it could be seen as a conflict of interest. That is BS and just another power play of goliath banks to ram it down people’s throats who the boss is and that bad credit is a life sentence because they’ll show you… by keeping you from getting a descent job or income ever again. BTW, that’s the same institutions of crooks that’s just about destroyed the world economy, putting more people in unemployment than at any time in our history, and just cost taxpayers 800 billion in bailouts. Corporate America has long been the poster child for gov handouts, subsidies, and various forms of free grant money while always complaining how the American poor are breaking the country with handouts. That’s such BS but so many buy it as gospel. Corporate America has been breaking America, still breaking America, and still wants to outsource jobs, and use credit to eliminate someone from job consideration when they put you out of work due to no fault of your own….enough said…make some noise…let your congressmen know you are in support of HR3149 and give a few more unemployed a chance to find a job.

    Comment by Michael B — Monday, October 12, 2009 1:49 am @ 1:49 am

  3. Thanks for the comments, guys. My prayers go out for you both.

    Comment by Lex — Monday, October 12, 2009 6:22 am @ 6:22 am

    • Thanks Kyle.I’m allready homeless.My bennefits ran out in Aug.But do u give a F***!!!!!NO YOU DONT,SO F*** u 2!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      Comment by impissed — Monday, October 12, 2009 8:53 am @ 8:53 am

  4. I wished that the senate would have to walk in our shoes for awhile. I’ve been out of work since July of 2007. My benefits exhausted Oct. 2009. I lost my home. My son was at war in Afghanistan. I had no home for him to return to. I applied for a position in a call center. 2500 applicants for 25 positions. Half full time and half part time. I was offered the position. They perform a credit and back ground check. My back ground is clean, however my credt sucks….foreclosure, credit card debts, you name it its on there…..Now I face a situation whether I will be able to start because of my credit….Never had bad credit before these economic times. It has been a fearfull time. I am now living with my youngest son in a studio.
    I’ve been sleeping on a sofa for over a year….No sheets. I toss and turn each night hoping my situation will recover….I never new what it was to do without until now. Lost all my belonging in my storage…Even my pictures and scriptures that meant the world to me. I only have memories as long as I have can hold on to my sanity……I pray that there family members will not have to endure the hardships that we are facing….Its amazing that some of us are still alive….Sincerely

    Comment by Martha — Monday, October 12, 2009 2:08 pm @ 2:08 pm

    • I feel your pain, this spring we lost our place, and it took about 6 months to get a new apartment that we cant afford. Hollding onto this place is all we can do. I remember last year starting christams shoppign around this time, now christmas gifts for the kids are all but a dream this year. My 3 year old was just diagnosed with leukemia 2 weeks ago, the gas money and extra costs to drive to the childrens hospital drains any “extra” money we really dont have.

      I pray to everyday that the goverment acts soon, this is a saving grace to so many people and families. I also pray that my children will read about this in history books, like I did the great depression, except this time they wont relive it like we are now.

      I want to thank you and your son for your sacrifices in him serving our country. There is no greater sacrifice than that of ones self for the service of others, and that of a mother to let her son or daughter go to war.

      God bless you and your family.


      Comment by cdavbar — Wednesday, October 14, 2009 12:24 am @ 12:24 am

  5. Remember everyone, when voting time comes we know who is trying to help and who isn’t. we must get these a——s out of office and let our voice be heard!!!! if i saw Sen. Jon Kyl on fire, i wouldn’t even p— on him to put him out!!!

    Comment by anthony g. — Tuesday, October 13, 2009 12:44 am @ 12:44 am

  6. This isn’t all Senator Kyle’s fault. While I don’t agree with the objection for a quick vote, I did some research and found out the bill that Senator Read tried to get passed in a hurry WASN’T the Sheehan bill that was introduced as an amendment to H.R. 3548. If it had been the Sheehan bill, the republican leadership would have voted and passed the extension. What Senator Read actually did was try to slide in a NEW amendment from Senator Bacchus, which had over a billion dollars in extra spending, which had nothing to do with an unemployment compensation extension. The republicans objected because they were given one hour to review the NEW bill. So what really is bothersome to me is that Senator Read used the overwhelming pressure from “us” to push for a quick vote, but did a switch out at the last minute in an effort to get some “extras” passed without anyone noticing. All the while making it look like the republicans are not supporting the unemployed. I know this because I personally spent 3 hours on the phone going back and forth with each Senators office getting the story and as each side began to get questioned more and more into a corner the truth finally came out. So SHAME on READ, BACCHUS and essentially ALL US Senators for not acting sooner on this issue. Shame on them for playing politics with our lives. The funny thing is though… WE voted for all of these people in the first place.

    Comment by Dave Miller — Tuesday, October 13, 2009 5:05 am @ 5:05 am

    • I agree. Let’s not blame one guy (Kyl) when clearly there are other forces at work here. It’s typical of Pelosi’s gimp boy Harry Reid to slide in some BS in an effort to make the other guy “look” bad. It’s business and politics as usual on Capitol Hill. These clowns don’t “feel for you” They simply don’t and to think otherwise is absurd. I come from a DC family and am used to seeing this boisterous postering at the publics expense. Pelosi, Reid and Rangel should be tossed out like garbage. They sure spew enough outta their holes everyday with a smile.

      Yes, I am a democrat. Impeach Pelosi.

      Comment by satay — Wednesday, October 14, 2009 10:06 am @ 10:06 am

  7. They have nice warm houses,food on the table and are out of touch with real problems. How can there be anything more importent then not losing your roof over your head or have food to eat,and clean water to drink. Is it time for a revolution,something needs to be done to send a clear message so they wake up and see whats going on. Maybe we should take there homes and put them on the streets with nothing ,no money,food no roof ,no insurance.Lets see how they hold up.

    Comment by Lame just sad — Tuesday, October 13, 2009 12:12 pm @ 12:12 pm


    Comment by John F. — Tuesday, October 13, 2009 7:48 pm @ 7:48 pm

  9. This is absurd. After over 18 months without being able to find a job, ive finally got a part time job, it does very little to actually pay any bills, this extension will guarentee I can keep my apartment and have a place for my family to live.

    I am tired of bad news every day, I have never been in such a horrible financial situation my entire life, though ive never been finacially “indepentant” I’ve always been able to live within my income limits and keep a decent credit score etc. Now my credit is shot, since they are taking forever to approve this bill, my credit cards are getting maxed out, and im pushing the limit on getting my car repo’d because i cant afford the insurance on it and we have a loan out on it. (which barely gets paid on time to prevent default on that.)

    The House of Rep set a great example on the need for speedy passage, the senate needs to follow suit.

    The democrats need to do what we voted them to do: Tell the GOP to F*($ off and do what needs to be done for the benifit of the people, the economy, and our country.

    Comment by cdavbar — Wednesday, October 14, 2009 12:16 am @ 12:16 am

  10. I have read these comments this is gut wrenching. I agree with and understand the frustration because im going through this myself. My benefits ran out in July. I have survived doing various jobs here and there to take care of some of my responsibilities. I know this for certain as far as the Senate is concerned many heads are going to roll because of their lack of urgency and insensitivity on this issue. Remember, when they come looking for your vote what you are now going through. Im angry. It’s time for payback. Wait and see.

    Comment by Lee — Wednesday, October 14, 2009 1:18 pm @ 1:18 pm

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