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Tuesday, October 27, 2009 9:58 pm

“I looked down after coming out of the concussion and saw my leg hanging on by the skin. I looked up and saw bone fragments all over the street.”

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Three years ago today, my cousin Russ Busby and his then-girlfriend were crossing the street in front of the DC train station when they were hit by a cab speeding through a parking lane. Russ suffered, among other injuries, a compound fracture of both lower-leg bones and a concussion and scalping when his head landed on the curb. His girlfriend was knocked out of her boots*, landing 40 feet away with a pelvis broken in four places, among other injuries.

Now (on Facebook), Russ celebrates being alive and reflects on the surgeries, infections, PTSD, depression, survivor’s guilt and his gratitude for just being able to get out of bed without help.

Also today, I learned on FB that a friend of mine since eighth grade has breast cancer. “The good news is that this type is very curable,” she writes. Her keyboard, and mine, to God’s ear.

*In my unfortunate observations as a cops reporter, I found that this happens pretty often to people who get hit by cars.

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  1. […] a big, loud shoutout to my cousin Russ Busby, whose prior career in the music business and struggle to recover from devastating traffic injuries I have written about before. After finally getting healthy enough to leave his parents’ place […]

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