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Tuesday, October 27, 2009 8:11 pm


I’ve so strongly supported Rep. Alan Grayson lately that I feel I have an obligation to call him out when he’s wrong. And when he called lobbyist Linda Robertson “a K Street whore,” he was wrong.

Ms. Robertson is a john, not a whore. The congresscritters who take her money and do her bidding are the whores.

Grayson called Robertson the name in the context of her criticism of his effort to see that the Fed gets audited. Robertson used to lobby for Ben Bernanke, chairman of the Fed, which apparently trumps the obvious public good served by letting the public see how the Fed is handling trillions of dollars of public money.

She also used to be the chief lobbyist for Enron, which, in the eyes of most professional political observers, apparently makes her pure as the driven snow, whilst Grayson is in the wrong not for having falsely accused her of a crime but of having accused her of the wrong crime.

Grayson spokesman Todd Jurkowski delivered an appropriate smackdown:

She attacked the Congressman and his efforts to promote a Republican bill to audit the Federal Reserve. She actually questioned his understanding of the difference between fiscal and monetary policy. This is [a] person who used to be the chief lobbyist for Enron attacking the intelligence and motives of a Congressman who used to be an economist.

I’m sure all the California ratepayers that Enron screwed before it imploded will be really, really concerned that Alan Grayson called Linda Robertson a bad name. I know I am.


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