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Sunday, November 8, 2009 12:10 am

Plenty of worthy targets in this world, but ….

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Both sides of the abortion debate need to come to grasp with a certain reality: abortion is legal in the United States. And because it is legal, there is no constitutional basis for treating it differently from treating any other medical procedure.

This fact has long escaped the notice of Republicans, but apparently even Democrats are now failing to grasp it. The House voted 240-194 tonight to ban federal insurance plans from covering abortion, an extension of a longtime, and badly misguided, ban on the use of federal funds for abortion.

But, but, but, we think abortion is horrible and so we don’t think our tax dollars should be spent on it, the anti-abortionists whine.

Well, bitch, I think launching an illegal invasion that killed hundreds of thousands of innocent civilians is horrible, too, and so are torture and warrantless domestic wiretapping, and yet my argument that our tax money shouldn’t be spent on such endeavors goes unheard somehow. Why the hell should we listen to you?

Digby, who is just on fire today, comments:

I suspect that the [House] leadership decided that abortion was the least important thing they could throw to the slavering Blue Dogs to take home as a victory over the liberals in this debate. And they had to find a hippie to punch to make the thing acceptable to the villagers*, so they decided to punch the desperate pregnant girl. She’s used to it.

Since the Republicans have made themselves irrelevant with their obstructionism the Democrats have decided that in order to further the president’s edict to change the tone and further bipartisanship they will just have to compromise with themselves.

*”villagers” = Digby’s term for the Washington insiders, including most leading figures in the national media, all of whom are much more conservatively biased than is commonly claimed by Republicans.


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